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This site is dedicated to shopping opportunities that promote global environmental awareness and social responsibility.

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Conservation & Preservation

Promoting preservation, conservation, environmentalism, environmental consciousness, Earth recognition, ecological advocacy, recycling, and environmental protection

Alternative Energy & Energy Efficiency

Supporting energy conservation, load balancing, low-energy manufacturing, fuel efficient transportation, alternative sources of fuel & energy, solar, water, geothermal, biomass & wind power

Climate &

Carbon Offsets

Supporting climate stability by lessening carbon footprint through emission reductions, greenhouse gas abatement, carbon offsets, carbon forestry

Philanthropy & Charitable Shopping

Supporting relief for clildern suffering in underdeveloped nations, adoption and support programs, help for the disadvantaged through charity shopping sites, philanthropic donations, and fund raising

Green Consumer Products

Featuring retail consumable products that reduce chemical effluents, promote energy efficiency, mitigate & remediate pollution, displace chemical additives, and promote organic farming

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