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Who Is Captain-XS ?

Why Should You Shop Captain XS ?

First of All, It's 100% Free, Safe, and Easy

  • CapXS.com is entirely advertiser-supported and open
  • No registration required for full access -- all access is full access
  • No need to open an account here -- there are none
  • No Google searches to expose your personal needs and data to the internet
  • CapXS results are pre-indexed for you
  • No countless 100,000's of text fragments as search results
  • Most CapXS menus are graphical and contain an optimum number (6-12) of entries
  • Find what you want with a quick glance at familiar logos or trademarks

Browse in Powerful Modes – At CapXS.com you can browse in any mode

  • Browse a favorite store or vendor
  • Browse a favorite designer by name or banner ad
  • Browse a favorite brand
  • Browse a favorite manufacturer
  • Browse an entire product category

Search  in Powerful Modes – At CapXS.com you can search for a specific product

  • Search for a specific product in a favorite store
  • Search for a specific product by a favorite designer
  • Search for a specific product in a favorite brand
  • Search for a specific product by a favorite manufacturer
  • Search for a specific product in an entire product category
  • Search for a specific product across the entire internet
  • Search for a specific type of product (keyword search)
  • Save money:  Search for coupons and special offers on a specifc product

Save time and effort

  • Enjoy the convenience of shopping from home
  • No need to get dressed up or go out
  • See all products/stores/specials at once
  • No need to waste time traveling between stores
  • No need to stay up all night surfing the internet for the best sources
  • Captain XS has already stayed up all night and collected the info
  • Enjoy the convenience of delivery to your door

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Safety and Security

  • No worry about being followed home after expensive purchases
  • Avoid mugging or attack in public parking lots or garages
  • Reduce your exposure to carjacking and auto accidents
  • No disclosure of your needs to search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Save Money

  • Take advantage of cheap or free shipping
  • Stretch out the time before re-fueling your auto
  • Reduce automotive costs for the month

Save gas and help the environment

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Shop for Offsetting Carbon Credits if you wish
  • Take advantage of more efficient product distribution
  • Shop Green!  Save the Planet!