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Who Is Captain-XS ?

Who Is Captain XS ?

The story of Captain-XS is very strange -- a saga, really.  There has been little written of the Captain, most of it either fragmentary facts or fanciful fiction.  Now for the first time, the truth will be told.  Revealed right here on the Captain's own web site will be the true story of this amazing character.  Much of it will be related in the Captain's own thoughts, edited as a precaution for security purposes only, the reasons for which will become evident as the story unfolds.  It is a sad but uplifting tale, but one that continues to raise as many questions as it answers. The reader must expect that many things will be left a mystery. Some things we know for sure are:  

Who is Captain-XS ?

  • Captain-XS is the namesake avatar and trademark of the XS MEGA-Shops

What is the XS MEGA-Shops ?

  • A network of entreprenurial web activities, of which this site is one

What is an avatar ?

  • Ancient concept of a god (or philosophy) embodied in human form

What is the relevance of an avatar to our modern culture ?

  • The modern stereotype of an avatar is the super-hero

How is the avatar concept applied in cyberspace ?

  • An interactive computer-graphic identity representing a programmer/user

What does the "XS" in Captain-XS stand for ?

  • The designation "XS" is a play on the word "Excess."

What is the connotation of the term, "Captain-XS" ?

  • Personality type given to excessive behaviors

Where does the term CapXS come from ?

  • CapXS is a slang contraction for Captain-XS, of course

What is the colloquial meaning of CapXS ?

  • Implies someone with a Captain-XS type excessive personality

There will be many other questions to answer the Captain's story is told.  Some of those issues will be:

  • Does Captain-XS have super powers?
  • If so, where did these powers come from?
  • Are they related to his eccentric behaviors?
  • Does Captain-XS have a secret identity?
  • If so, who is the Captain's alter-ego?
  • How does the Captain's secret identity earn a living?
  • What is the significance of the pineal gland?
  • What is the meaning of the "all-seeing eye" ?
  • What is Deep Secret?
  • Where is -- and what is -- Lab "13 Minus" ?
  • What does all of this have to do with alien UFO's ?
  • What links extraterrestrial UFO's and jihadist terrorism?
  • What is the Captain's mission?
  • Who are the Captain's sworn enemies?
  • Why do they want to thwart him?
  • What is the Captain's WebCave?
  • Does the Captain have a secret admirer ?
  • What is the Captain's true origin ?
  • Where can someone find a good Cuban-crafted Cigar ?

Coming Soon:  The XS Chronicles - the saga of Captain-XS.